Level Up: AIGA South Dakota Mentorship Program

Level Up: growing together as a creative community

AIGA South Dakota is excited to launch our first AIGA South Dakota mentorship program, Level Up. A typical Level Up mentorship session runs for 3 months, with an expectation of 2-4 hours per month. The format is very informal, to be determined by the mentorship pair. What do you want to learn? What do you want to teach?

Who can apply?

Level Up has been created for people who:

  • are creative professionals
  • work in a wide range of creative fields
  • have less than 3 years of experience and would like to be mentored, or
  • have more than 3 years of experience and want to volunteer as a mentor
  • are South Dakota residents
  • AIGA membership is encouraged but not required

How does this work?

After you submit the application, AIGA South Dakota will work to match up mentors with people with the same creative interests who would like to learn or grow in their craft. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to coordinate between themselves to determine the best method to connect, either in person or virtually.

AIGA will provide an introduction and some materials to establish a framework, but each mentorship pair is free to customize their approach. We expect mentorship pairs to commit 2-4 hours per month, for the three-month period.

Should I apply?

Apply to be mentored if your situation is something like these:

Janet has been working in an agency for three years and is thinking about freelancing. She’s wondering how to start, and what problems to avoid.

Taylor has been working at the same company as an in-house designer for three years and would like to move up to a position of more responsibility but isn’t sure how to go about it.

Volunteer to be a Level Up mentor if your situation is similar to these:

Robin has been working as an art director for eight years and would like to help younger designers start thinking about their career path earlier than she did.

Alex is in charge of hiring video editors and, has noticed that many of the candidates don’t have a good sense of how to present their work, and would like to coach younger editors on how to present themselves.

Additional questions or feedback?

Contact us here or reach out via our Facebook page.

By aigasouthdakota
Published September 10, 2021