Idea Fund 2019: No Business Magazine

The AIGA SD board is excited to announce the winners of the 2019 Idea Fund grants.

The Idea Fund grant program that gives AIGA a way to fund designer-initiated projects that positively impact the local community. Our selection committee reviewed all proposals and selected three that matched the AIGA mission: Make our community better by making designers better.

First up, No Business Magazine.




No Business Magazine questions the notion of aesthetic ownership by revealing processes and personal histories tied to art-making. Seeking to shift conversations away from the transactional, No Business Magazine interrogates concepts that make our “consumption” of art and culture more meaningful.

The first issue examines “identity” and the ways in which fractured, fragmented, or multiple identities inform aesthetic decisions and process to intentionally position ‘difference’ and ‘otherness’ in closer proximity to power. The issue will feature artists Marsha Mack, Daniel Mung, Amelie Mancini, Paul Dressen, and Brian Bieber, with writing from Angela Zonunpari, Amy Jarding, Lorraine Rubio, and Eli Show.




Studio Visits

In addition to the magazine, the project includes artist studio visits happening on Saturday, July 13, 2019.

Sign up for free to reserve your spot.

11:00 AM – Open Studio with Amy Jarding
521 S Elmwood Avenue

12:00 PM – Open Studio with Eli Show
815 S Menlo Avenue

We’ll end our tour at Ipso Gallery for the launch of our new arts publication, No Business Magazine.
1:00 PM @ N Main Avenue, Suite #100



About the Creators

Business Magazine is a collaboration project between Angela Zonunpari and Hanna Peterson, with support from Amy Jarding and other artists across the country.

Angela Zonunpari is an arts writer, based in Sioux Falls, SD. She spends her time at Fresh Produce an advertising agency that also houses Ipso Gallery, an art space that promotes ideas and creative thinking, while curating distinct art experiences for the community. Zonunpari plays a significant role in supporting the curator and gallery director of Ipso, in community outreach, media relations, and more recently, curation.

Hanna Peterson is a graphic designer, currently living in Minneapolis, MN. She leads a number of client and in-house projects as one of three designers at Fresh Produce, working with diverse industries including finance and banking, healthcare, defense, and energy.

Learn more about the project.

Published July 12, 2019