Idea Fund 2019: LINE publication

The AIGA SD board is excited to present the winners of the 2019 Idea Fund grants.

The Idea Fund is a grant program that gives AIGA a way to fund designer-initiated projects that positively impact the local community. Our selection committee reviewed all proposals and selected three that matched the AIGA mission: Make our community better by making designers better.

LINE publication



Line cover art


LINE is an independent, juried art publication that features young art and design students from South Dakota institutions. Its mission is to foster professional growth and create visibility for young artists and designers within their communities.

LINE has been awarded the AIGA SD Idea Fund to help to cover printing costs for the first issue of the publication, and to circulate it at various institutions as well as in the surrounding communities. 





LINE featured artists David Barnum, Jensen Twite, and Binod Magar


About the Creator

Joe Schaeffer

Joe Schaeffer is an artist and designer living in Sioux Falls, SD, and a partner at Thaw.


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Published July 16, 2019