Can Art 2014: Make a Difference


Call for Entries

Can art make a difference? We think so, and here's your chance to prove it! Form a team, gather non-perishable food donations, and use them to build a sculpture to show that playing with your food is good for everyone!

AIGA South Dakota is hosting our Can Art: Make a Difference event again this year, at The Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls, SD. We invite you to form a team and come up with a plan for a sculpture that you will build with non-perishable food items. You'll be building your sculptures on May 17 - start gathering donations now! At the end of the event, all food and monetary donations will be given to Feeding South Dakota.


How it works:

In the past, teams have found it beneficial to come up with a plan (see our photo gallery of past sculptures for inspiration) and determine what types of food items you will need to build it. Think in terms of can and/or box dimensions. Then ask for donations of those specific items, or money to purchase them. Have a plan and goal in mind. Practice your sculpture in advance, or just bring all your donations and wing-it that day. Your team will build your sculpture, which will be on display for a week at The Washington Pavilion. The public will be invited to vote for the favorite The winner will receive a sweet trophy.


The details:

Register your team here. (There is a $35 team registration fee to cover insurance costs of the event.) Registration for teams ends March 31st. Deadline has been extended to April 25!


May 17, 10:00am-2:00pm

Team sculpture building

(plan your sculpture to fit within a 10'x10' space)

The Washington Pavilion


May 17 - May 25

Sculptures on display

Public voting


May 25 1:00pm

Teams return to help take down your sculptures and box up food items for donation.

Have questions? Contact Jill Smith at


The rules (yes, there has to be a few!):

1) Your sculpture must fit within a 10'x10' space.

2) Your sculpture must be structurally sound - meaning we want it to stay intact by itself! We'll have them roped off so people can't touch them or knock them over.

3) You may cover the food items with paper or other materials in order to match a color scheme you may have, however all materials must be removed at the end of the event, and all food item labels must be in original condition. Do not remove or damage original food labels.

4) You must use non-perishable food items - think canned and boxed foods.


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Thank you to our event sponsors!


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